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Ramayana Heritage

Ramayana Tours in Sri Lanka. The ultimate spiritual travel experience in Asia… We offer you  an opportunity to follow the Ramayana trails and visit the most important Ramayana sights in Sri Lanka.  These tours  are exclusively for religious and spiritual Hindus but also offers an in-depth knowledge of Ramayana heritage in Sri Lanka, for the non-Hindus

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Seetha Kotuwa

Location: Gurulupotha - Hasalaka

Legend: This is the place where the city of Lankapura once stood. The city had a beautiful palace for queen Mandothari surrounded by waterfalls, streams and varieties of flora and fauna. Seetha Devi was kept in this palace until she was moved to Ashoka Vatika. Seetha Kotuwa means Seetha's fort and got its name because of Seetha Devi's stay here.